Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Low-Church/Reformed Defense of the term Sanctuary

What should we call the building we, as the church, worship in? Amongst Protestants there are generally two words that come to mind: auditorium and sanctuary (this excludes the more traditional language of the Church of England because her vocabulary is drawn from the Medieval church). Sanctuary is more common today, but auditorium has a venerable history and much theologically to commend it.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Changes to Mississippi RUM (THE RUM)

Reformed University Ministries is a product of the heart for students found in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Because of its Mississippi origins RUM Mississippi has always enjoyed a somewhat separate existence from the Atlanta bureaucracy, which was developed from it. Of course, human envy and lust for power drives all bureaucracies and Atlanta is no different. Here's an article showing the threat to the fine ministry here in our home state: (be sure to read Roger Collins's heart-breaking letter at the end)
Major Debate in Covenant Presbytery on the Structure of R.U.M. in Mississippi